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    Duke Field, FL - Lodging

    Duke Field Inn
    118 N Drone St.
    Bldg. 3054
    Eglin AFB, Field 3, FL 32542

    Phone: (850) 682-2918 or (850) 883-6203
    DSN: 875-6203
    Fax: (850) 883-6390 / 2996
    DSN Fax: 875-6390

    Welcome to Duke Field at Eglin AFB, FL. Upon arrival, you should have Temporary Lodging arrangements already in place for you and your family. The Duke Inn has Visitor's Quarters, Temporary Lodging, Large Temporary Lodging and Distinguished Visitor's Quarters. Availability varies throughout the year.

    Crestview, the local town, has several hotels and motels, including extended stay lodging. Some have military specials.
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